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Waterborne polyurethane applied to wallpaper composite

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Waterborne polyurethane, also known as WPU, is increasingly used in people's lives, such as: dyeing and finishing of various textile materials, printing, etc.; coating of slow-release fertilizer, seed coating, etc.; Latex paint, furniture paint for solid wood furniture, leather and synthetic leather on the sofa, etc.; interior glue, car paint, etc. for buses, high-speed rails, private cars, etc... wallpapers are widely used in interior decoration of houses, offices, hotels, hotels Etc., because of its diverse colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, and affordable prices, it is widely used in various developed countries and regions.
In the Chinese market, more and more young people are experiencing explosive growth in the choice of wallpaper during renovation. At present, the wallpaper composite glue mainly uses solvent-based glue, water-based styrene-acrylic glue and bio-based glue. Solvent-based glue is harmful to human body because it contains a lot of VOC and other environmental factors, and will eventually be eliminated. Due to the poor aging resistance of the benzene ring structure, the rubber is not conducive to the long-term use of the product, and the hot-stick and cold-brittle characteristics of acrylic acid will cause inconvenience in winter and summer transportation construction; the bio-based glue is prone to mold, especially the rain in the south of the Yangtze River. Seasons can have an immeasurable impact on the entire family environment and human health.
The use of aliphatic water-based polyurethane as the main material of the wallpaper composite adhesive, supplemented by various environmental protection additives, has achieved good results. The specific process is as follows:
Material: thick paper, thin paper
Product: Waterborne polyurethane resin
Instrument: 30 micron wire rod, oven, hot press