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        Taixing Zhongfang Xingtai New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of waterborne resin for development, production and sales. In recent years, under the pressure of environmental protection, China Textile has jointly established Taixing Jinyuan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. in China Fine Chemicals (Taixing) Development Zone with Jiangsu Heisonglin and Jingjiang Geling to develop environmentally friendly adhesives. And relying on the technical strength of famous universities in China to develop and produce waterborne hydroxy acrylic acid dispersion, waterborne polyurethane dispersion, water-based modified acrylic emulsion, water-based high polymer modified functional body (super-insulating water-based functional body, graphene modified heavy anti-corrosion) Water-based functional body, aldehyde removal, net odor, negative ion water-based functional body, super scratch-resistant, super water-resistant digital printing water-based functional body) and other four categories of products. These water-based functional resins are used in waterborne wood lacquers, waterborne industrial lacquers, water based inks, waterborne building exterior wall coatings, and specialty coatings industries.

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Production base of the company: No. 5, Binjiang South Road, Taixing Economic Development Zone.

Company sales center address: Zhongxing Building, East Head, Zhongfang Avenue, Jichuan Street, Taixing.

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