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The knowledge of water-based paints is so big that you know how much you know?

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1.Whatthinnerisselectedforwater-basedpaint? Referenceanswer: Wateristhebestdiluentfordilutingwater-basedpaint.Whenyouchoosetodilutewater-basedpaint,youonlyneedtomeetthenationaldrinkingwaterstandards.F
1. What thinner is selected for water-based paint?
Reference answer:
Water is the best diluent for diluting water-based paint. When you choose to dilute water-based paint, you only need to meet the national drinking water standards. For the two-component water-based paint, it is recommended to add the curing agent first, stir and mix, and then add water to dilute and stir.
2. What should you pay attention to when diluting water-based paint?
Reference answer:
When water-based paint is diluted with water, the primary value is the pH of the water, which prevents the addition of acidic water, which affects the stability of the paint in the future, resulting in the presence of pigments in the paint which are prone to sedimentation or difficult to stir. Principle of PH adjustment: Take a small number of dilution principles, the total amount of dilute should not exceed 10%.
3. What is the amount of water added to the water-based paint varnish? How long is the drying time? How much is the painting area?
Reference answer:
The primer is usually added with 30% water and the top coat is usually 5 to 15% water. After 10 to 15 minutes, the fingertips are usually dry, and the overcoating state can be reached in 4 to 6 hours. Brushing area: The primer is about 70m2/time, and the topcoat is 20~25m2/two times.
The knowledge of water-based paints
4. What is the amount of water added to the water-based paint? How long is the drying time? How much is the painting area?
Reference answer:
Waterborne paint primers and topcoats usually add about 30-40% water. After 10 to 15 minutes, dry touch can be achieved, and after 4 to 6 hours, the overcoating state can be achieved. Brushing area: Primer and topcoat are about 30m2/time, brushing 20~25m2/two times.
5. What are the main requirements for water-based paint brushing?
Reference answer:
First, if a new wool brush is used, it must be immersed in clean water blended with detergent for more than 2 hours, then rinsed with water; second, do not brush too much at the same location, especially hot, Drying and other dry conditions (≤ 5 minutes), otherwise it will cause brush marks and affect the flow of paint film with the dryness of the paint film.
6. What should I pay attention to when spraying water-based paint?
Reference answer:
First, the spray gun nozzle type is generally Ф1.5; the second is the air pressure is 6 to 8 Pa; the third is a uniform spray wet film formation method with one shot and one shot, and the sprayed place can be sprayed without cross spray; Fourth, when the large workpiece is sprayed, the nozzle is slightly outward, and it is sprayed from near to far. It is strictly prohibited to spray from far to near, otherwise paint mist pollution may occur.
7. Why do some water-based paints operate under no ventilation conditions?
Reference answer:
Generally, the product performance is poor, and the film formation method is harsh. Once the air is ventilated, the surface is dried too fast, and the malignant effect of drying in the surface is prone to occur, eventually leading to whitening and cracking.
8. What should I pay attention to when using water-based paint when the humidity is high and the temperature is low?
Reference answer:
Under the condition of less than 5 ° C and humidity of more than 85%, the surface of the water-based paint may be whitened and the surface is dry. If you are in a hurry to start construction, please do a good job of heating and dehumidification, increase the heating tools such as infrared light irradiation, and increase the ambient temperature.
9. After the water-based paint is finished, how long does it take to get water?
Reference answer:
After the water-based paint is finished, do not touch the water for at least 7 days (25 ° C, humidity of about 50%). If the temperature is low and the humidity is high, the drying time of the paint film must be delayed.
10. What are the water-based paint storage environment and packaging and transportation requirements?
Reference answer:
Water-based paint is non-flammable and non-explosive. Therefore, storage and transportation are not considered according to dangerous goods. Because the system contains water, packaging materials should be considered for anti-rust treatment. It is recommended to store in a cool, dry and ventilated indoor warehouse at 0-35 °C. The storage period is one year.