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Product grade Types Features and applications
PU-32K Aromatic polyester The film is flexible, has good water resistance and strong adhesion. For lining without foundation, textile compounding and coating, electrostatic flocking, printing adhesive
PU-53E Aliphatic polyester Excellent hydrolysis resistance, thermal stability, weather resistance and water resistance. Used for TPU film and fabric compounding, high fastness and high water resistance textile coating, enzyme resistant washing and high peel strength interlining without foundation pulp
PU-825 脂肪族聚醚 优异的伸长率、抗水解性、耐侯性、耐水性。适用于做纺织涂层、纺织印花胶浆和羊毛后整理
PU-500A 脂肪族聚酯 高固含水性聚氨酯树脂,有优异的耐水 性能和防水性能,可用于制革、织物印花和涂层
BX-5 非离子 非离子水性聚氨酯树脂,适用于纺织品抗起球整理、防水透湿涂层
PU2211 阻燃型 无卤阻燃水性聚氨酯树脂,适用于纺织品阻燃涂层以及其它领域的阻燃胶粘剂