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Product grade Types Features and applications
ZF562-9 Soft Self-crosslinking emulsion, formaldehyde free, film forming is soft. Suitable for textile bonding, sponge compounding, soft non-woven fabrics, sprayed cotton, artificial fur, leather finishing, flannel backing, textile composite, etc.
ZF-916 Soft Self-crosslinking emulsion, the film formation is soft, good firmness and good water resistance. Suitable for textile printing, flocking
ZF-917 Medium soft Self-crosslinking emulsion with good adhesion and good water resistance. Can be used in textile printing glue, water-based industrial paint, textile adhesive lining for foundation-free pulp, plastic paper flocking
ZF-817 rigid Excellent hydrolysis resistance, thermal stability, weather resistance and water resistance. Used for TPU film and fabric compounding, high fastness and high water resistance textile coating, enzyme resistant washing and high peel strength interlining without foundation pulp